Why You Should Install a Heat Pump Water Heater in Your Home

If you aren't getting your residential hot water supply from a heat pump water heater, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Read on to acquaint yourself with some of the benefits associated with heat pump water heater installation.

Reduced heating costs

The ever-rising costs of electricity are making it difficult for many homeowners using electric water heaters to enjoy an affordable hot water supply. The good news is that there are now more energy-efficient heating solutions available out there on the market for homeowners to choose from. One such solution is a heat pump water heater.

A heat pump water heater utilises the heat that it moves from the surrounding air using electricity to heat water. Due to the fact that the electricity required to move heat is relatively less than that required to generate heat (as is the case for standard electric water heaters), greater energy savings can be realised by opting for heat pump water heaters.

Reduced carbon impact

If you want to reduce your household's carbon footprint, you should install a heat pump water heater. Unlike gas or oil-fired water heaters, which are notorious from releasing large volumes of harmful carbon gases into the atmosphere when the fuel is burning, heat pump water heaters have relatively lower levels of carbon emissions.

Since less electricity is consumed when using heat pump water heaters, carbon footprint resulting from demand for more electricity supply is considerably lowered.


Using a heat pump water heater is a good way to get hot water supply and dehumidify the air inside your home at the same time. A heat pump water heater can help to dehumidify unconditioned spaces such as basement laundry rooms so that you do not have to turn on the AC while you are working from down there.

Storage tank sizing

Given that the capacity of your heat pump is the only major limitation on the volume of water you can heat, storage tanks of heat pump water heaters can always be sized to meet your household requirements, no matter how many gallons of hot water you use in your home on a daily basis.

As the above-elaborated benefits clearly disclose, a heat pump water heater is definitely a good addition to your home. Always remember to activate your heat pump water heater's 'vacation mode' when you are not at home to avoid incurring unnecessary electricity costs. For more information on water heat pumps, talk to a professional.