Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cooling Tower in Good Order

Cooling towers are efficient mechanisms for air conditioning in commercial buildings. They use air and water to transfer the heat within the building to the outdoor environment. Just like many other utilities in the building, the cooling towers need to be well maintained to minimise costly repairs. Maintenance also helps to keep them at their optimal operating conditioning to ensure energy efficiency and minimal noise pollution. If you have just installed a cooling tower for air conditioning in your commercial building, the following are some of the things that you can do to keep in good working condition:

Treating the Water Circulating in the System

There are open and closed cooling towers. In open cooling towers, the water in the condenser is exposed to the atmosphere. On the other hand, the water circulates in tubes as it moves to the condenser for closed cooling towers. Regardless of the type of cooling tower that you have, it is important to treat the water circulating in the system. As it goes through the chiller plant, piping and the condenser, the water is exposed to a host of contaminants that must be removed chemically. Treating the water will reduce corrosion of the system's parts exposed to water, prevent harmful bacteria from growing and keep scale from building up in the system. Scale can block the pipework and stop the cooling tower from functioning.

Clean the Strainers Regularly

Strainers are fundamental to the efficient performance of the cooling tower. They filter out any water and air-borne debris from reaching the components of the cooling tower. Particularly, strainers are used in the cold water outlet to prevent debris from being washed into the tower's pump. In some cooling tower models, the manufacturers use low-pressure pre-strainers at the hot water source to keep the distribution nozzles from clogging. You should clean all strainers regularly so that they filter out debris efficiently. During installation, you can go for cooling towers with strainers that allow external access. They are relatively easy to clean using cleaning agents recommended in the manufacturer's manual.

Make-Up Water

Even though the water in the cooling tower is recirculated, it has to be replenished regularly. The cooling tower loses water through evaporation and bleed (water discharged from the system to remove debris). Most towers have a make-up water mechanism that maintains the appropriate water level in the cooling tower. They do this using a valve and float ball assembly or an electronic probe. You should call in a professional to inspect the make-up water system regularly. In case of broken seals or poor electrical connections, they will help you address the problems in time depending on the system that you have.

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